The Growth of Online Casinos During The Covid-19 Pandemic

The use of online casinos was never something that was low in demand. Popularity surged with technology – as the games became better equipped, better dramatized, and the technology became stronger in its support of mobile – the surge in popularity of this betting pastime began.

Over the past 12-14 months, the world has changed forever. Lives have been devastated, economies ruined, and the planet has become an almost unrecognisable place. People have been forced to stay at home, meaning their hobbies, interests and daytime habits have changed – no longer can they go and socialise with friends, everything is done at home.

As such, the surge in popularity for online gaming has been unprecedented. The number of new casinos coming to market has risen sharply, with a number of casino aggregator sites coming to the fore.

Bonuses are in plentiful supply, rewards are there – but are the moral aspects of this surge outweighing the demand of new and existing players? Searches for the term ‘online casino’ have seen a 300% increase since the pandemic started, with those searching for poker related terms seeing a more startling increase – up to 400% according to recent Google Trend data.

Share prices in casino only firms have rocketed, and the more traditional sportsbooks have been forced to change their hand with regards to their tactics – a stronger push on the gaming side, as the vast majority of sporting events were cancelled for a sustained period during the height of the crisis.

But will this trend continue forever? Some experts think this is just the start, whilst others think it’s more short-lived as pressure grow on firms to enhance their gambling protection activity and controls. The shift back to sports betting is inevitable as sports events re-start, but this is one trend that we might not have seen the last of.