How to Safeguard Essential Business software systems

If you are in business today it is almost certain that much of your day to day operations are reliant on a suite of software applications that are essential to every aspect of its smooth running.

Depending on your area of operations, it might well be the case that at the heart of your business there is a customised or even fully bespoke IT system that fulfils your unique requirements. Whatever the case may be, it is now essential to safeguard your software as much as it is any other asset.

safeguard Business software


Any commercial concern needs to be constantly aware of developments in its field of operations and toady that can mean keeping up to date with new versions of software. Whether it is for reasons of security or operational enhancements, most system providers release regular updates and upgrades to address problems that emerge.

Depending on the type of software of the arrangement you have with the provider, these kinds of updates can often be free to use, so it is important to make sure that any software your company uses is the very latest version that is available to you.


Online security is a hot topic, but there are many other ways that your data and information can be compromised. To be sure that you are protected, the use of updates and new versions as described above is essentially.

However, there are also additional measures that you can take, such as having a dedicated firewall, using VPN connections and making full use of the MAC addresses on individual devices when allowing connections to intranets and Wi-Fi systems.

Ultimately though, common sense is the main weapon that you can employ. Making sure that passwords are changed regularly and that nonessential personnel don’t have access to crucial data are two examples of this.

In some worst case scenarios even these measures wont suffice. If you have a systems failure that requires access to the original source code and for whatever reason the providing company isn’t able to help, NCC Escrow can be a business-saving solution.

Essentially a software escrow agreement means that a third party like NCC holds sensitive or secret data such as source code and releases it to the client when certain pre-agreed conditions are fulfilled or situations arise.

With a full package that means complete systems can be reinstalled with minimal disruption to operations and loss of essential data, the idea of having an escrow agreement in place is now an important part of the IT planning for many commercial concerns.