Five Steps to Becoming Self Employed

If there are only five steps to becoming self employed, why doesn’t everyone do it? Here’s the thing: everyone can become self employed if they have discipline, drive, and the ability to overcome some tough working situations. Learn how to find self employment opportunities, and find success.

There may be five steps that lead to self employment, but everything hinges on one simple skill: the ability to find work. Through self-promotion, die-hard job seeking, ad placing or a combination of efforts, everyone who wants to succeed as an independent contractor has to succeed at finding paying customers. Learn how to make the process a little easier.

Becoming Self Employed

Step 1: The Self Employment Resume

Obviously, the first step to becoming self employed is to have a resume that highlights skills, education and experience in the professional’s chosen field. It does very little good to start any type of job hunting without having a great resume ready, so get one ready!

Often, success in self employment isn’t about finding opportunities but seizing them…and it’s pretty hard to self-sell without a resume that shows off skills and accomplishments. Even those with very little work at home, or independent contractor, experience can highlight other job experience they’ve gained, skills they’ve acquired and education they’ve completed. Remember that a resume should always stay professional, read in the third person and be presented on a single typewritten sheet – no colors, images or added embellishments necessary.

Step 2: The Killer Cover Letter

Often, self employment opportunities present themselves online. This puts job hunting in a whole new medium: email. There may be no friendly phone conversation, no face to face interview. Instead, for those who are mastering the five steps to becoming self employed, there is a single opportunity to sell themselves to a potential client or employer: the cover letter. And it needs to be a real killer if it’s going to stand out from the competition.

The cover letter should offer a brief overview of relevant skills and work history. Professionals should also make it a point to express interest in the job or opportunity being applied to. Some cover letters may be going out to companies unsolicited, but still require only a little extra tweaking in the opening statements. Overall, the cover letter serves to show that the professional behind the letter has the skills, the knowledge and the desire to do the job. It’s also a good idea to point the reader toward a Web site or online page where samples of work can be viewed.

Step 3: Find Self Employment Opportunities

One of the most important of the five steps to becoming self employed is, of course, finding the jobs. It’s true that searching for self employment opportunities can be tedious, but it’s a very necessary step for success.

Seek out online job boards offering both at large work at home jobs and more specialized positions in certain professional fields. Job hunting is a big part of the everyday life of the self employed professional, so get ready to get good at it. This is where having a great resume and cover letter can be a huge asset, because winning over the client is everything when it comes to self employment.

Step 4: Learning that Image is Everything

In the world of self employment, professionals stand alone. Always remember that reputation is everything and that being self employed largely relies upon delivering high-quality work. Professionals should always try to dazzle and delight through their efforts, following instructions to the letter and going above and beyond expectations. For many, this step may seem to go without saying, but there’s a huge emphasis on image in self employment.

To that end, create a Web site displaying samples of work so employers and clients can easily look up information. For some self employed professionals, it might also be a good idea to take advantage of social networking sites. Establishing an online personality can be an important step in becoming self employed.

Step 5: Self Promotion

Professionals must learn that they aren’t just selling a service or their skills: they’re always selling themselves, too. Self promotion is essential in self employment. Those seeking to succeed in this career must never be afraid to name their own accomplishments, show off their work or even place ads to drum up more work. Always be promoting- it’s the fifth (and always ongoing) step of becoming self employed.