Businesses Thriving During The Global Pandemic

The past 14 months has been a rather difficult period for many of us, as we have all been affected in one way or another by the global pandemic caused by Covid-19. However, although it has been a difficult period for many of us, there has been some businesses that have altered the way in which they are operating through the pandemic and have been able to thrive through this pandemic due to the way that they have evolved and below we look at them.

[Image: The Lawyer Portal]

One business that has been able to thrive during the pandemic has been that of online marketplace giants Amazon who have seen their stock go through the roof during this period. Amazon has acted as a place in which consumers can use to purchase almost everything that they require around the house whilst in local lockdowns, as the public have been worried to leave the house to go for their everyday shopping as they don’t want to catch the virus and then pass it on to someone vulnerable.

The online entertainment business has also been able to thrive during this period, especially the online gambling world here at, which have offered the opportunity not just for punters to be able to be entertained, but also the chance to turn a profit on their wide range of games.

Another business that has been able to thrive during the global pandemic has also been other online retailers, there is a pattern here, ASOS. They have claimed that they have been able to benefit from consumers ‘not going out’ and being able to use this extra disposable income on their clothing. In fact, it has been that much of a successful year for ASOS that their profits have leaped 275% as pandemic restrictions have driven fashion sales online. They have said that one of their main selling elements has been through their comfort ranges and active wear as more and more of us have used our extra time to work on our physical fitness.

And finally, another industry that has been booming during the past year has been that of fitness equipment which sales have gone through the roof as many of us, as said above, have been working on our physical health and so items like treadmills, dumbbells, and other gym and fitness equipment have not only gone up in demand, but also the supply has been so limited as everyone is trying to get their hands on some form of equipment.